St Augustine, Mossman

24 Grogan Street

Brief history

In 1888 Mossman was listed as a “station” of Port Douglas. Both towns were stations in the Parish of Cairns in 1896-1904. After a new parish priest arrived in 1904, Sunday Masses alternated between Port Douglas and Mossman. The first church (in Junction Road) was opened in November or December 1905, but was destroyed by cyclone on 16 March 1911. The second church was opened on 11 February 1912. The original site was too small for a parish school, so in 1929 the Grogan Street site was bought. The new parish priest had a presbytery built there in 1932 and he was the first priest to reside in Mossman. The school commenced in February 1934 holding classes under the presbytery until the new Church-School building was opened on 29 April. The current church was consecrated on 30 January 1977 by Bishop John Torpie.


Photos of this church taken outside at ground level are deceptive since the church appears to be square. It is hexagonal (six-sided), and so is larger inside than the photos from outside seem to suggest.

The value of having the porte-cochère at the main door is obvious during the wet season — people can be dropped off under cover at the main door.

View from West, with garden, porte-cochère, and main door


From inside the main door, facing the altar From the altar

Mass and Liturgy times, here and at Port Douglas

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