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1st St Augustine’s Church, Mossman, 1905-1911

The first church, with St Augustine as patron, was built and opened late in 1905, but it was destroyed only six years later by the cyclone on 16 March 1911. It stood in Junction Road, across the road from the Mossman Butchery. To date no certain photos of it have come to light. A mounted photo with the hand written caption Port Catholic Church is in the parish files in the Diocesan Archives, but its provenance was not noted. It was presumed to be the first Catholic church at Port Douglas, but that is now known to be incorrect. When this and the 1916 photo of the second church (1912-1933) are compared, the trees to the left are seen to be in the same place, and the neighbouring fence appears to be the same, suggesting that it may indeed be the first church in Mossman (1905-1911).

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