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Grogan Street complex, Mossman, from 1932

Presbytery (1932), and Church-School and Convent (1934)

The Grogan Street property was bought in 1929 because Junction Road could not accomodate the planned school. Fr Vignoles was appointed in 1932 as the first parish priest since 1917, and he was the first to live in Mossman rather than Port Douglas. He planned to move the old presbytery from Port Douglas, but then decided it was better to built a new one, which was blessed and opened on 11 Dec 1932. From Sunday 14 May 1933 (when the church in Junction Rd was closed) Mass was celebrated under the presbytery until the new Church-School was ready. Because neither the Church-School nor the Convent were ready for the opening of the school year (05 Feb 1934) classes were held under the presbytery, and Fr Vignoles moved out so the Sisters of Mercy could live there. The new Church-School (church upstairs, class-rooms downstairs) and the Convent were blessed and opened by Bishop John Heavey on 29 Apr 1934. The presbytery was moved eastward in 1976 to make room for the fourth church, built and opened in 1977.

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